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  • Complete two stroke and four stroke engine rebuilding services.

Cylinders repaired or re-plated when necessary, sleeves installed by Northwest Sleeve or Nikasil plating done by Millennium Technologies. Big bores or standard bores are available. New cylinder kits are also offered for sale and installed from both Athena and Cylinder Works. Four stroke cylinder head rebuilding using either aftermarket or OEM parts. Stainless steel or titanium valves are available for most modern applications. Multi-angle valve jobs and high performance port modifications are also offered through Engine Dynamics. Flow bench testing and porting optimized by Replika Maschinen. These modifications will typically increase the useable amount of horsepower the engine can produce, as well as improve a powerband that may be lacking in a certain area.

Two stroke cylinder flow bench porting is also available through Replika Maschinen. These porting modifications can be used for an overall increase in horsepower and torque. The spread of power can be focused in the power range that best suits the rider and specific use for the motorcycle, such as more top-end power for a pro level motocrosser or more bottom and mid for a off-road woods bike. Cylinder heads can also be modified in their compression ratio to suit different applications and also to run different fuels.

Crankshafts can be replaced with either OEM parts, or aftermarket offerings from Hot Rods or Wiseco. Your stock crank can also be rebuilt and dynamically balanced through Crank Works. A re-balanced crank is always recommended when building a big bore engine, the larger piston with its increased weight can be compensated for with the crankshaft being balanced to the piston assembly. The Honda CR500 engine especially benefits from this balancing process, resulting in much less vibration and a smoother running engine.

  • Transmission Rebuilding

Both two stroke and four stroke transmission rebuilding is offered for the four major Japanese brands. All damaged or worn transmission parts will be replaced using the correct OEM parts for the motorcycle to factory specs. Clutches rebuilt using parts from Hinson, Wiseco, Barnett and OEM manufacturers.

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