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Project bikes can be built to your exact specifications. Some are brand new motorcycles straight from the dealership. These bikes are then stripped down and every moving part is cleaned, lubricated and torqued back together properly. Any after-market parts can then be added, the suspension is set-up for the individual rider, along with the desired gearing, handlebars, triple clamp, footpeg, shifter and seat combination to fit the ergonomic requirements of the customer. Custom wheels and brake rotors are often added, along with performance exhaust systems and various protective devices, such as skid plates, hand guards and radiator braces. Graphics and backgrounds can be tailored to any personal preference and expertly installed on the new plastics.

Restorations can also be performed on older bikes, for those who are still quite happy with their current rides. These bikes will be stripped to the frame and every pivot bearing will be inspected and either cleaned and greased or replaced with new parts. The suspension components will be rebuilt, wheel bearings replaced, steering head bearings will be either serviced or replaced. Any engine modifications can be performed, along with a total top-end, clutch and transmission rebuild. These bikes can be brought back to a "better than new" condition. And all of the custom options that we do for the new bikes can be applied to the used ones as well. Just call to discuss the possibilities and various options you have available for your dirt bike.



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